Seductive Encounters
June 23rd
"Ultimate" Summer
Kick-Off & WET-T Contest

Join Us For The "Ultimate"
2018 Summer Kick-Off Bash
And What Better Way to
Celebrate the Beginning of
Summer....Have A WET-T
Contest of Course!

I Will Supply The T-Shirts,
For The Ladies who want to
sign Up for the contest, If You
want To Bring Your Own, That's
fine Too. Ladies Remember......
Big or Small, Lets see it All!!
You Know It's Not Always the
Biggest or the Best, The
Judges Want to see how you
Flaunt your chest

*Prizes* will Be Given away to
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Winners
1st Prize - "3 months Free Admission"
2nd Prize - "1 month Free Admission"
3rd Prize - "2 Free Admissions"

To Make it Fair, You Will Be
Judged by Audience Participation.

Now for The Rules....
Well Hell there are NO RULES!!
Do Whatever You Have to,
To Win!!! Our Past Contests have
been Pretty Wild, Participants
have done ....Well Use Your
Imagination...That's why there
are NO RULES! :)

We Must have at least 8
Females sign up For the
Contest, No Less than that,
So Show Us what You Got!!

We Cater to Sensual Erotic
Couples and Single Females,
And *Limited* (Single Males)
Our goal is to provide a clean,
No-Pressure Environment
(And we do) where fun, passion,
romance, incredible excitement and
more are all possible in a first
class atmosphere.

You'll find the Swinger lifestyle
at its finest here. Dance, play
or just sit back and watch! Mix
and mingle on our high energy
dance floor.

The Club has awesome lighting and
a vast array of great diversified
music designed at pleasing the
masses, played by our Fabulous
DJ Leslie, who really gets the
mood going, at the Bar and on
the dance floor.

A party atmosphere beyond your
wildest imagination. You are
Allowed and Encouraged to
Unleash Your Inhibitions and
Bring Your Hottest Party

Don't Forget Our Stripper Pole
Indulge Yourselves and Rock
Your Inner Stripper Fantasy
Like Only You Know How!

Ammenities Include
*Priv Play Areas
*Stripper Pole
* Dance Floor
*Cash Bar
*Reasonably Priced
*Free House Shot
*DJ Leslie
*Outdoor Priv Patio/
Smoking Area
And so Much More!

*Donations are as Follows*
Couples $30
Single Females $10
Single Males $50
This is a 25+ Event
We Check ID's

Single Males, are to Act Accordingly.
Unless a Single Female, or Female
Part of a Couple shows any Interest,
You Do Not Touch them in Any Way,
Shape, or Form, If they are engaged
in Conversation/Etc with others, Do Not
Butt In, That's Rude!!! and For Gods
Sakes Don't Gawk!!! People are there to
have a Good Time, not to be made to feel
Uncomfortable ...If they want you You'll
Know It!! Simply Put, Behave or You
Are Out!!!

(Strict Rules are Enforced)
Failure to adhere to these Rules
is the Fastest way NOT to be
Invited Back.

Hot/Sexy/ Summer Attire
Dress To Impress
Upscale Casual
Proper Dress Required
At All Times

You're In A Lifestyle
Where Meeting Others
Is a First & Lasting Impression
NEAT & CLEAN Counts!!!
Looking Like You Fell Out
Of A Laundry Basket
Does Not Cut It

Doors Open 9pm-2am

165 Poe Street
Providence, RI 02905

Free Secure Parking in Lot
directly across the Street
From Platforms...Use Oxford St.
Off Allens Ave To Enter.

Join Us for the "Best"
Kick-Ass Saturday Night
Lifestyle Party in Town.
SE is in their 12th Year and
Still Rocking It!! The Only
Place you Need to Be, Should
be, and Definitely want To be.
Nobody Does it Better!!

Your Hostess,
Jeanie-Seductive Encounters